BOARD BOOTIE Founder - David Thornbury and Aidan Thornbury

Hey fellow shredders.  I’m David Thornbury, the creator of Board Bootie.

Board Bootie came to me out of a real, personal need. One restless night while trying to sleep, I was stressing about putting my snowboard in our newly-purchased SUV which I was to take to a local mountain for some boarding with my son over the weekend. 

Because our SUV could not accommodate the length of the snowboard without putting down one of the seats, I knew that the brand new leather was going to be exposed. Rather than worrying about my naked snowboard shifting during our commute and scratching the leather, I decided to wrap it in a blanket. While this was ultimately an effective solution to satisfy my immediate concern, it wasn’t very elegant or convenient. It was a hot mess actually.

When further pondering my predicament, I concluded that others must have to deal with the same issue as well. What I hadn’t considered is that there wasn’t already an easy and affordable product on the market to deal with my dilemma. 

As a result, a snowboard protector and snowboard carrier, Board Bootie, was born. And to my astonishment, there are many more benefits to using Board Bootie than just protecting the interior of your car. 

Board Bootie provides protection for a snowboard that will help keep your board edges sharp, maintain your wax job, collect melted ice and keep it from draining into your car or house, prevent your board from leaving marks on walls, floors and doors, preserve your hands and gloves from scratches, and it will function as a snowboard backpack which allows for hands-free carrying of your board.

But don't just take my word for it. Grab a Bootie and take this lightweight, collapsible snowboard cover and snowboard backpack on your next boarding adventure and let me know what you think.

Safe and happy riding.  Cheers.