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Girl distraught over her cracked cell phone.  She didn't have protection on it.  She better have a snowboard protector, BOARD BOOTIE.

No, not that kind. Although you definitely should be. But that's a discussion for somebody other than Board Bootie Buck. I'm talking about protecting other treasured assets like your cell phone and your snowboard.

Are you aware that 50% of people globally have experienced a cracked smartphone screen at least once and nearly one-third in the US are walking around with a cracked screen? I wouldn’t dream of carrying my cell phone without a protective cover. It’s too costly and too much of a hassle to have it replaced. And there’s little worse than that sinking feeling of being without a cell phone for a day … and for many, a minute. Or, potentially losing all of your contact information which has been accumulated over years. I speak from firsthand experience as I’ve had to replace one or two in my day. Trust me, it sucks.

The average cost of a smartphone in North America is forecast to be $567.00 by the end of 2017. This is not an insignificant sum. And to protect that investment, I dropped $44.99 for a Presidio Grip Case and an additional $24.99 for a tempered glass screen protector. $69.98 and I didn’t think twice about it. After all, it is with the intention to protect a pricey investment. Which brings me to ask the question, “Are you using protection for your snowboard?”

According to Snowsports Industries America (#SIA), the average price of a snowboard in 2015 was $488.00. And, you can bet that the prices haven’t come down since then. Another significant sum. Why then wouldn’t you protect that investment as well? Is it because you couldn’t find a protective cover for a snowboard or because you don’t value your snowboard the way you value your phone? That is a rhetorical question because, there hasn’t been an affordable, convenient and effective snowboard cover until Board Bootie came on the scene. And, I know that you value your snowboard way more than your mobile phone.

What is a Board Bootie you ask? It’s a #snowboardcover that not only protects your board and your car from dings and scratches but you can also use it to carry your snowboard with one of the handles or to wear as a #snowboardbackpack. It weighs a little more than your cell phone and folds into a pouch that you can put in your jacket when not in use. It costs $59.00 which is a measly cost to protect one of your valued treasures. At least I consider my board a valued treasure. That’s how I conceived the idea for Board Bootie. I will save that for another BLOG.

In summary, some things just shouldn’t be naked. Grab a Bootie.

Safe and happy riding. #Snowboarding. #BoardBootie. #SomeThingsJustShouldntBeNaked. #BoardBootieBuck.

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