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TO BOA OR NOT TO BOA? Help me with my snowboard boot dilemma

Snowboard boot with Boa lacing system which is one of the purchases that I need to make this year along with a BOARD BOOTIE - a snowboard protector and snowboard backpack.

As a new #snowboarding season approaches, I'm getting fired up and thinking about upgrades to my gear that I need to make this year. Since I got a new #Arborsnowboard and new #Unionbindings last year, it is only fitting that I get new #snowboardboots to round out the set.

I have been going back and forth on whether or not I can trust turning a nob (or two) on my boots to give me the requisite amount of tension that will also be comfortable. Our boots are an essential part of our equipment and can have a significant effect on one's day ... if they hurt. Of course they need to provide for performance and be styling, but it is essential that they are also supremely comfortable. As someone with sensitive (read jacked up) feet, I have terrific consternation over this decision.

Who would have thunk that a $250 (ish) decision could be so vexing? I easily spend that over a weekend on food and alcohol for the pleasure of some extra unnecessary calories and the occasional hangover.

Am I over thinking this? Please let me know your thoughts? To #Boa or not to Boa?

Safe and happy riding. #Snowboarding. #BoardBootie. #SomeThingsJustShouldntBeNaked. #BoardBootieBuck.

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