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Group of snowboarders in need of a BOARD BOOTIE - a snowboard cover and snowboard carrier.

Before I provide the answer, let me give you a glimpse into me. I have been called intense, focused, productive, reserved, serious, logical, anal-retentive, rational, and a whole bunch of things that aren’t fitting for this blog (wink, smiley face emoji). See, I can be loose and witty too. “Ha-ha” as they now say. What happened to LOL? I find the “Ha-ha” a little sarcastic. I’ll save that for another blog. Back to my point. As I am, generally speaking, a logical thinker, I tend to account for my actions. If I’m going to invest time in reading a book, and I consider it an investment, I tend to read non-fiction so that I can learn from my time “invested.” When I compete, I leave it on the field. Why bother otherwise I say. Before I even wake up, I have typically accounted for every waking moment … even “scheduling” my down time.

I probably sound like a piece of work (insert your own adjective here if you prefer). Just ask my wife of 22 years. OK, so I’m enjoying poking fun at myself (what some may call being self-deprecating). That’s the $10 compound word for it … or pretentious, as some of you just thought. I feel ya. Did I mention that I’m also a little ADHD?

Again, back to my point. When I shop for clothes, I want to get every nickel out of the article of clothing that I consider purchasing. I want it to be functional and I want to use the whole thing. Otherwise, why would I buy something that I’m only going to use, say, 80% of? As an example, cargo pants. While exceeding popular over the past several years, I’m not a carry-a-lot-of-stuff-in-my-pocket guy. Therefore, why would I pay for pants with a bunch of things that I wouldn’t use?

Which brings me to our snowboarding jackets. Yes, the answer to what do we have to have but never use is the hoods of our snowboard jackets. Why do we feel compelled to buy jackets with hoods when they do little more than collect snow on a snowy day? And, shouldn’t our helmets or hats obviate the need for the hood?

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be caught dead without a hood on my jacket. That wouldn’t be cool. Is that it? Is that the value that a hood brings to our #snowboardjackets? Please weigh in with why you believe that we need hoods on our snowboard jackets. Maybe someone’s thoughts will help me rationalize why I am “forced” to wear something that I don’t use. Because it’s very important to this Type A individual.

Safe and happy riding. #Snowboarding. #BoardBootie. #SomeThingsJustShouldntBeNaked. #BoardBootieBuck.

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