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Female snowboarder rocking her booty.  She'll also be rocking a BOARD BOOTIE, a snowboard backpack, when she gets off the mountain.

No, that’s not how I arrived at the name for Board Bootie. The name, while somewhat provocative, is actually quite a literal interpretation of what the product represents.

A Board Bootie was conceived as a convenient cover that was to be placed over a snowboard to protect your board and your car while in transit, which it certainly will do. Initially though, it was only going to be adhered to the board by an encased elastic border that would keep the Bootie in place. Including additional features like a handle to carry the board by its side, straps to wear it in backpack fashion, reinforcing the tips, and giving it more stability like it now has, weren't added until later.

Based on the initial concept for Board Bootie, I felt as though it resembled the light blue booties that a serviceman might wear on his boots if he were to come into your house to provision your cable, electric or to do some contracting work. And, the functionality was quite similar: put on and take off in seconds, lightweight, protect anything that might accidentally get knocked into, and keep excess dirt and/or water from getting where it shouldn’t.

I happen to be a fan of alliteration so Board Bootie had a nice ring to it, IMHO. It also makes for a Yin and Yang kind of balance in the logo, which to me looks pretty cool. And, to be transparent, I liked the double entendre. Bootie, while spelled differently from its homonym sister Booty, sounds the same and conjures up whatever image you prefer. If Board Bootie takes you to a protective cover for your board, job well done. If it takes you to a visual of a rockin’ gluteus maximus (yeah, that’s a nice ass), then job also well done. And, if it somehow lands you a Booty call, glad that I could be of service.

Names are a curious thing. Sometimes they define an entire product category, think Kleenex or Xerox … and one day Board Bootie. ;^} Or, they may have nothing to do with anything but still may become wildly popular like a lot of the band names: The Beatles, Bread, U2, Dead Kennedys, Weezer, Blue Öyster Cult, 10,000 Maniacs, et al. What do any of these names have to do with the kind of music that the respective bands played? Nothing right? Yet I’m sure that you’ve heard of all of them and even own some of their music. While most people typically try to name their product after something that defines the product’s purpose or functionality, as with the name of a band, it has little bearing on the success of the product. If the product isn’t good, it won’t be successful. I get that. Nevertheless, considering that I did put a fair bit of thought and time into the name and the creation of the Board Bootie logo, I’d relish your opinion on where I landed. So, please let me know your thoughts on the name or the logo … good, bad or indifferent.

Safe and happy riding. #Snowboarding. #BoardBootie. #SomeThingsJustShouldntBeNaked. #BoardBootieBuck.

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