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SNOWBOARD GRAPHICS – I don’t get them. Or is it that I just don’t appreciate them?

Snowboard graphics that need a BOARD BOOTIE - a snowboard protector and snowboard carrier.

I’ve got to be candid, I would not have chosen the graphics that have adorned any of the boards that I have ridden. They have certainly been interesting but not my cup of tea. Incidentally, the graphics on the board were never a factor in my board selection, whether I liked them or not. I have chosen my boards based on size, technology, what suits my skill level, brand and some other tangible reasons. And, I sort of resigned myself to the thinking that I was stuck with whatever graphics came along for the ride.

Although I did find the graphics on my first board intriguing, in an artsy kind of way, I sort of believed that I was biasing my opinion on the look of the board because it was a gift from my wife. As it turns out, it was from O’Sin and their artist series. I have since come to learn that these artists were a big deal. Turns out that nearly 10 years after these boards came out, #Burton started working with a number of the same artists. I had no idea that I was riding a board with a true work of art under my feet. I did however think that the board was cool enough to display in my finished basement with some of my other toys.

A lot of board graphics to me have a macabre look and feel. Snowboard artists seem to like skulls, skeletons and demons. Do a web search for top snowboard graphics and you will inevitably find boards with a skull or two emblazoned on them. Which brings me to, why would we want a constant reminder of death under our feet when we’re partaking in a somewhat dangerous sport? Is seems counterintuitive to me. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get a happy, upbeat, get after it vibe looking at bones. Perhaps someone could give me some perspective on the whole scary thing on our boards. Anyway …

In retrospect, if I felt as though I had more control over the look of my board, assuming that all of the other criteria in selecting my board were met of course, what would it be? My leanings would be toward the Arbor Collective. There is something about the muted tones and wood grain that makes me stop in my tracks. It’s the same when I see a wooden boat. There is something special about a wooden snowboard that doesn’t reek of mass production. The look and feel of the wood suggests an intimate relationship between the craftsman and the board. The amount of time seemingly spent stroking and caring for the planks suggests a fondness for its creation. Perhaps it’s just classic styling. Or maybe it’s my conservative nature. Regardless, you’ll find a terrific selection from the #ArborCollective this season. Some notables from #ArborSnowboards include the Cosa Nostra, Foundation, Whiskey, Wasteland, Element, the Coda Rocker, and the Iguchi but the entire lineup is pretty much eye-candy, IMHO.

Please provide your thoughts on board graphics. I’d like to expand my thinking on the subject.

Safe and happy riding. #Snowboarding. #BoardBootie. #SomeThingsJustShouldntBeNaked. #BoardBootieBuck.

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