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Topless female snowboarder with tattoos looking for her BOARD BOOTIE.  She knows that she needs a snowboard cover and snowboard backpack.

The adoption of tattoos among millennials has been unprecedented in history. According to a Harris Research Poll conducted in 2015, almost half (47%) of Americans age 18 to 29 had at least one tattoo. Of those who have tattoos, 70% have multiple, and 20% have six tattoos or more. It seems that once the tattoo flood gate opens, it’s hard to stop. Many report that the decision to get their first tattoo was intimidating, even if it was done without much thought. Nevertheless, after the first tattoo, the decision to get additional tattoos was much easier.

While I don’t currently have any tattoos, I have always been fascinated by them. So much so that I had seriously considered publishing a coffee table book showcasing celebrities explaining the backstories to their tattoos. There is usually some deep passion associated with what they embody. I am in awe of people who have such strong convictions. To believe so fervently about something that you’re willing to alter your body forever is mind-blowing to me. Probably because I have never been that committed to anything, other than my family and friends. And I certainly can’t get tattoos of all of them. That would just be creepy.

My late brother, Stevie, was a free spirit (read wild child). He grew up in the sixties and “experimented” with lots of things - which basically made him normal in his era. Although he was open to many different experiences, he never got a tattoo. I once asked him why. He said that he couldn’t even make a decision on what picture to hang over a mantel so how could he ever choose something that would adorn his body for a lifetime. Perhaps that’s why I have not yet gotten one. I’m a little tentative on making a decision that will ostensibly be with me for the rest of my life. My wife and son aside, of course.

I have often contemplated what I would get if I ever choose to get a tattoo. My first idea is a very small Ralph Lauren polo pony on my left breast, much like they appear on their shirts. That way, even shirtless, I’m still well-dressed. Sorry if you just threw up in your mouth a little. Anyhow, to me it was a playful idea and kind of a non-tattoo. A second consideration is a family logo that was created for a memorial run to honor three of my siblings who have passed. A woman with her three children represents our beloved sister Doreen and her three beautiful girls: Meghan, Molly and Shannon. A sunset is something that our brother Stevie used to draw in all of the greeting cards that he gave to his peeps. It was essentially his trademark signature. A tambourine is for our sister Karen. She was the most unpretentious, energetic person you could ever meet. And if you met her, you didn’t forget her. She had no problem approaching any live band, grabbing one of their tambourines and rockin’ with the group. It became her hallmark. The third tattoo that I may one day get is the Board Bootie logo … if (excuse me) when the company is wildly successful. Who knows?

Please, share pictures of your tatts and provide your motivation for why you got what you got. I’m sure that you have a remarkable story.

Safe and happy riding. #Snowboarding. #BoardBootie. #SomeThingsJustShouldntBeNaked. #BoardBootieBuck.


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