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KNUCKLE DRAGGER – Do you find being called this offensive?

A monkey riding a snowboard.  Knuckle draggers need BOARD BOOTIE, a snowboard cover and snowboard carrier.

According to the Online Slang Dictionary, a knuckle dragger is defined as an unrefined person, an unintelligent person; one resembling a lower primate or un-evolved human, or … a snowboarder. I used to think of it as a term of endearment but frankly, I’m over that. And thankfully, I think, so too are many of the up-and-coming boarders and skiers.

Although, not too long ago, it seemed to be an inalienable right of a skier and a #snowboarder to criticize the other. Boarders took shots at the elitist skier’s one piece, among other things, while skiers condemned borders as dangerous and disrespectful young thugs for their baggy pants and badass attitudes. Cynical resort operators proclaimed #snowboarding nothing more than a passing fad. More insightful resort managers realized that snowboarding was here to stay and could be a much needed cash infusion in the declining world of skiing. And, in turn, skiers were up to knuckle dragger tricks: sliding rails in the park, riding switch, performing huge aerial flips, and riding their fat powder skis in the back-country. Seems that both sports have benefited from each other’s influence and inspiration.

The class distinction that existed between skiers and boarders has thawed over the years as athletes from both disciplines now come from all backgrounds and skill levels. There are plenty of snobby little rich boarders and as many punk ass skiers, so many of the traditional stigmas have left the slopes. Yet, surprisingly, there are still some “exclusive” ski resorts that hold onto this notion that the skier sect is somehow different, and perhaps even privileged. To limit their mountains to only skiers is to do so at their own peril. As the demographic of older skiers wanes, these resorts will be in for a world of hurt if they continue to exclude us knuckle draggers.

The feud has faded … for the most part. As the older two plankers hang up their poles, the new generation of skiers and boarders are enjoying the same mountains. The lines to the two sports, which originally brought together very different personality types, fashion sense, and attitudes, have blurred. Today’s youth on the mountain seem to have zero shits to give whether you ride one plank or two. They appear more focused on their own experience on the hill and won’t bother you if you don’t chastise or ostracize them for being eccentric and adventurous. As it should be.

I am only occasionally called a knuckle dragger these days and am thankful for it. Come to think of it, Donald Trump seems to be the only one name-calling these days with any regularity. I won’t go there! Anyhow … please share your opinion on being called a #knuckledragger. I’d like to hear your perspective on this unpleasant moniker.

Safe and happy riding. #Snowboarding. #BoardBootie. #SomeThingsJustShouldntBeNaked. #BoardBootieBuck.

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