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A cracked egg hatching the BOARD BOOTIE idea ... protection for a snowboard in transit.

My mind is constantly racing, to the extent that it can be a major distraction. I am continually dissecting what I am hearing and seeing. When I hear an advertisement on the radio, I image how I might have made it a little better. While watching television, I roleplay how a comment or scene could have been done differently. Unfortunately, this endless creative energy many times causes me to tune out to the actual message. The upside of this seeming ADHD is that it has led to the development of a few of my own creations.

My first creation was a board game conceived in the mid-nineties that ultimately became known as Phraseoff. It’s a stimulating party game made up of five categories: Acronyms, Alias, Also Known As, Clichés and Synonyms. The game is a collection of everyday words, phrases, people and places that you see and hear every day but don’t quite know the literal meaning (e.g., NASCAR, Pitbull, The Windy City, The whole nine yards, indict). This board game has been a work in progress for way too long. I am still hopeful that it will get picked up by a board game manufacturer/marketer. Fingers are still crossed. My second endeavor into product creation is a little book series called Silver Bullets (i.e., Sales Silver Bullets, Leadership Silver Bullets, and Job Search Silver Bullets). Each book is a collection of over 400 cut to the chase tactics that you must employ, and must not employ, in that given role, profession or pursuit. They are written in an easy to consume, bulleted format for the time-pressed individual. If you’ve ever seen Life’s Little Instruction Book, it’s in that genre. Sadly, this book series has not been met with the exuberance that I anticipated.

Nevertheless, on to my most recent invention which has been met with the adulation that I had hoped. All of my family members and friends who have endured me wax poetic about Phraseoff and Silver Bullets give my latest initiative their highest endorsement. If it weren’t for the rave reviews that I have received about this unique snowboard accessory, that idea would have died on the vine. With a lot of sweat equity and much optimism, I am pressing forward with Board Bootie which is a protective cover and backpack for transporting a snowboard.

The product idea came to me out of a real, personal need. One restless night, I was stressing about putting my snowboard in our newly-purchased SUV which I was to take to a local mountain over a weekend for some boarding with my amazing son. Because our SUV could not accommodate the length of the snowboard without putting down one of the seats, I knew that the brand new leather was going to be unprotected. Rather than worrying about my naked snowboard shifting during our commute and scratching the leather, I decided to wrap it in a blanket. While this was ultimately an effective solution, it wasn’t very elegant or convenient. It was a hot mess actually. When further pondering my predicament, I concluded that others must have to deal with the same issue as well. What I hadn’t realized is that there wasn’t already an easy and affordable product on the market to deal with my dilemma. As a result, Board Bootie was born. And, as my drifting mind would have it, many more benefits were designed into Board Bootie than just protection for the interior of your car. A Board Bootie will help keep your board edges sharp, maintain your wax job, collect melted ice from draining into your car or house, prevent your board from leaving marks on walls, floors and doors in your home, and preserve your hands and gloves from scratches. And, because you can wear Board Bootie as a snowboard backpack, it accommodates hands-free carrying of your board which frees up your hands for carting other boarding essentials.

There is an enormous hole in the market for a product like Board Bootie as has been evidenced by my research, so I’m expecting good things ahead. But as Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, said, “Everyone has an idea, but it’s really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you with the idea.” So I appeal to you, please grab a Bootie and take this lightweight, collapsible snowboard cover and snowboard backpack on your next boarding adventure and let me know what you think.

Safe and happy riding. #Snowboarding. #BoardBootie. #SomeThingsJustShouldntBeNaked. #BoardBootieBuck.

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